Welcome to Adventures of Vanego

Adventures of Vanego is an interactive mobile game trilogy series engaging, educating and enabling children to quickly identify home hazards to prevent injuries while allowing kids to learn fundamental survival skills.

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Adventures of Vanego’s ‘Build, Explore & Protect’ is a early elementary game specially designed to build capabilities in children to identify a variety of hazards in their environment and prompts them to take preventive actions. This game allows kids to build and navigate through their environment, so they can overcome and prevent a variety of hazards.


Future Products Adventures of Vanego Trilogy Series


“Safety First”, is designed for young children as early as 2 years old. In this game, Vanego is beginning to explore his environment, and learns to identify dangers and understand cause and effect. The game ends when the child makes the ultimate wrong decision of crawling out a door, leaving him lost.

Build, Explore, & Protect

“Build, Explore, & Protect” is the sequel to “Safety First”, designed for early elementary aged children, and picks up where Vanego last ended, lost. He must find his family, and embarks on his adventure and he will learn lessons on dangers and strangers, along with fundamental survival skills. In the end, he will find his family, and a global disaster happens.

Prepare, Equip, & Survive

“Prepare, Equip, & Survive” is the ultimate, multi-player 3D game that families can play together to learn true survival skills during a multitude of world disasters, and you beat the game when you find a safe community to rebuild your life, happily, again.

Safety Card Games

“This is a Deck Building Trading Card Game that comes with pre-constructed decks, made for 2-4 players”.

Adventure Board Games

“This is an awesome dice and card board game that takes the entire family on a safety and survival adventure!