Welcome to Adventures of Vanego

Adventures of Vanego is an interactive mobile game trilogy series engaging, educating and enabling children to quickly identify home hazards to prevent injuries while allowing kids to learn fundamental survival skills.

About Us

About Adventures of Vanego

Adventures of Vanego is a mother and son mobile app start-up company that strives to help families learn together about the dangers of hazards inside and outside the home, and basic life and survival skills, in a really fun and entertaining way! Our mission is to complete a trilogy series of mobile app games that will bring families to learn and play together, and our vision is to make products that will impact families all over the world to “Think Safe. Live Safe.”


Adventures of Vanego Trilogy Series

Game 1, Titled “Safety First” is designed for young children as early as 2 years old.
Game 2, Titled “Build, Explore, & Protect” is for young children entering into elementary school.
Game 3, Titled “Prepare, Equip, & Survive” is a game that we envision will push technology
forward to a whole new level. It is a console family game of the future.